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Fire Science & Occupational Safety Course

01.   Introduction:

Bangladesh is one of the most disaster prone countries in the world. Bangladesh is also at risk from earthquake, along with a new dimension in urban risk due to its fast growing and increasing density. All disasters are associated with fire incident excluding flash flood. So more training is needed and awareness programme for the peoples to be enhanced. The present Government is committed to reduce disasters by enhancing overall disaster management capacity. Government of Bangladesh has expressed its commitment to invest more in the field of DISASTER RISK REDUCTION. Government of Bangladesh is implementing several programmes to enhance the disaster management system, response and recovery including firefighting system to a risk reduction culture and for that "Standing Orders On Disaster" has been developed. According to Bangladesh National Building Code (B.N.B.C), all high rise buildings, industries, factories, and business centers have to appoint fire safety manager.  Based on the present demand and circumstances, a Fire Safety Manager Course is a time demanding course. We believe that this course will play a vital role to improve fire safety preparedness in Bangladesh. It is very much related subject with our activities. We know that such courses are being conducted by Fire Department in many countries around the world. Fire Service and Civil Defence Directorate is the only mandated authority of the Government to carry out FIRE FIGHT and SEARCH & RESCUE operation in any disaster and also for fire and other disaster prevention activities.

02.   Program Description:

The Program covers the fundamentals of fire science and public safety, including laboratory classes, Practical sessions, fire safety engineering, relevant structural engineering topics and field visit.

03.   Admission Policy:

The entry requirement for the Fire Safety Manager Course is a Bachelor degree or any other equivalent level of education recognized by the competent authority and also fulfilling any other conditions fixed by the admission authority

04.   Program Structure:

The entire course is divided into different modules. Syllabus of the modules is enclosed. The participants shall have to complete 30 credits for Fire Safety Manager Course.




In assessing the performance of the participants the following methods will be followed:

  1. Written test;
  2. Group discussion;
  3. Presentations;
  4. Reports on field/project study/ Practical sessions;
  5. Broad type and MCQ
  6. Written assignments
  7. Viva.




The performance of the participants will be evaluated on the basis of letter grading and its equivalent grade point system approved by FSCD Training Directorate. 

07. The grading system will be as follows:


Marks Range

Letter Grade

Grade Point

80% and above


75% to less than 79%


70% to less than 74%


65% to less than 69%


60% to less than 64%




A student must get at least a GPA 2.00 to obtain a certificate on completion of the course.



Age of Participants: Not over Fifty years.

09. Registration fees and other fees:

  • Registration (FSCD & BTEB)         : 1000/-
  • Admission Fees                                : 2000/- (for FSCD professional)
  • Admission Fee                                 : 5000/- (for Non-FSCD)
  • Tuition fees                                      : 30,000/-for Non-FSCD per course
  • Tuition fees                                      : 10,000/- for FSCD Professional per course.
                          Total Cost of Course: NON-FSCD 36,000/-
  • All fees must be paid in advance/ installment can be accepted by the permission of the authority.
  • All payment shall be made as bank draft/ pay order to Director (Training, Planning,& Development) Fire Service and Civil Defence Directorate, Dhaka from any prescribed bank of  Bangladesh.



10.  a) Selection Criteria of FSCD:

  • Number of Participant per batch : 50 (05 Firemen/leader/Sub officer+05 Fire Officers /Station/Staff Officer to Deputy Director)=10 from FSCD + 40 from non FSCD)

i) Minimum qualification: Graduation/equivalent Degree.

ii) 05 years job experiences as FSCD professional.

iii) Valid permission from FSCD Directorate for FSCD professionals.



 b) Selection for Non FSCD Professionals:

i) Minimum qualification: Graduation/ Equivalent Degree. 

Application Procedure:

Interested candidates may collect ‘Application Form’ from Fire Service and Civil Defence Training Complex, Mirpur-10, Dhaka-1216 or can download the admission form from https://fireservicetraining.gov.bd

  1. After fill-up the form, please submit the Application Form to the admission offices along with:
    Photocopies of all academic certificates and all certificates should be attested by a 1st class gazette officer.

  2. 6 (Six) copies of recent colored photographs (3 stamp-size + 3 P.P size).
  3. A pay order/ Bank draft of 100/- (One hundred taka only) as described in advertisement.

All submitted applications will be verified by the admission committee whether these are eligible for the program or not.




The student must follow the regulations such as:

  • Fire Service and Civil Defence (FSCD) Directorate  reserves the right to reject an application if she/he does not fulfill the requirements of FSCD or his/her behavior is disruptive;
  • Enrolment in a course or a program creates a binding agreement to follow academic regulations and payment of fees and charges;
  • Tuition fees must be paid in advance or by installment if it is agreed;
  • Tuition fees are not refundable after the commencement of a course;
  • If a course is not conducted by FSCD, there will be a full refund of tuition fees;
  • All payments must be made as a bank draft/ pay order to Director (Training, Planning, & Development) Fire Service and Civil Defence Kazi Allauddin Road, Dhaka from any prescribed bank of Bangladesh.
  • FSCD Directorate  may suspend a student without notice if tuition fees are in arrears;
  • FSCD Directorate  reserves the right to change the fees & charges anytime with notice;
  • All international students must comply with all their visa status regulations as specified by the Home Office;
  • FSCD Directorate reserves the right to change any provision or requirement at any time, even within a student’s term of enrolment. FSCD Directorate  further reserves the right to ask the student to withdraw, for any due cause, at any time;


List of Resource person:

  1. Brigadier General Md Sazzad Hussain afwc ndc psc Mphil Director General, Fire Service and Civil Defence Directorate.
  2. Lt Col Siddique Mohammad Zulfiker Rahman BSP psc Engrs Director (Training, Planning & Development), Fire Service and Civil Defence Directorate.
  3. Lt Col Zillur Rahman psc Director (Operation & Maintenance), Fire Service and Civil Defence Directorate.
  4. Md Habibur Rahman Director (Admin & Finance) Fire Service and Civil Defence Directorate.
  5. ABM Ferdaous Principal, Fire Service and Civil Defence Training Complex, Mirpur, Dhaka.
  6. Mr Babul Chakraborty  Vice-Principal   Fire Service and Civil Defence Training Complex, Mirpur, Dhaka.
  7. Mr Md Abdul Momen Assistant Director Fire Service and Civil Defence Directorate.
  8. Mr Mohammad Mamun Assistant Instructor, Fire Service and Civil Defence Training Complex, Mirpur, Dhaka.

    Dhaka. (Acting Senior Staff Officer to DG).

And all other MIW Instructors /Masters in Fire science From FSCD Directorate, & Out sourcing from Universities, BUET, and Other Institute in Bangladesh/ Competent instructors/resource persons selected by the concern authority.

Campus: There are two campus:

  1. Fire Service and Civil Defence Training Complex Mirpur, Dhaka.
  2. Fire Service and Civil Defence Station Baizid, Chattogram will be the campus of this course. As per training Schedule, participants of this course can be used all existing facilities of training with the permission of the authority.


     1. Md. Shams Arman, Deputy Assistant Director, Mobile no : 01796022222

    2. Md. Nasir Uddin, warehouse Inspector      Mobile No    : 01915922324

     3. Md. Monir Hossain Mobile no:  01719114850.

Fire Science & Occupational Safety Course

Application Fee
৳ 350 Taka

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